Run for Internet Health!

The future of the Internet needs everyone's support! Mozilla held the very first "Firefox Charity Run" in Taipei, gathering runners together to fight for Internet Health.

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Emerging Markets 2020 Internship Program

Ready to help secure a healthy internet? Mozilla is the right spot for you.

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Firefox Lite: The One-stop Mobile Browser Platform. Fast. Private. Safe.

Firefox Lite, a speedy yet secure mobile browser, now adds built-in shopping, games and news features that provides beyond-browser functions to empower users to live efficiently and securely online.

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How many trackers did you block today

The Firefox privacy protections dashboard reveals who’s trying to track you behind the scenes and helps you stop them.

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Mozilla makes browsers, apps, code and tools that put people before profit.

Our mission: Keep the internet open and accessible to all.

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Mozilla in Asia