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Five unique facts about Indonesian millennials’ travel trends, do you also follow?

Traveling has become a part of Indonesian millennials’ yearly routine. They usually spend their day-off, traveling and exploring particular cities or countries. This is proved by the rise of Indonesia’s domestic and abroad trips which have been increased each year. According to the data from Statistics Indonesia, the number of Indonesia’s domestic trips in 2018 increased by 12.37% compared to 2017. While traveling abroad also experienced an escalation, it increased by 10% in the first semester of 2019 compared to the same period in 2018.

Looking at this enhancement, Mozilla, the non-profit pioneer and advocate for the open Web, conducted a survey in December 2019, trying to learn more about Indonesian millennials’ travel behaviors. The survey was disseminated to 501 respondents aged 18 to 32 years old in Jakarta and greater Jakarta. The key findings are summarized below:

Millennials prefer to travel with family

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Seasonal holiday became a thing in millennials’ travel habits. The survey revealed that 88% of respondents will go on a vacation at a certain time, such as end-of-year, mid-year, or during national holiday. Besides, the respondents prefer to travel with family (66%) rather than with friends (20%). Only 9% of them prefer to travel with their romantic partners.

Domestic travel destinations is more popular

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77% of respondents will choose to travel domestically rather than travel abroad (23%) even though they have enough budget. Besides, half of respondents stated that the uniqueness of tourist sites is the most important consideration while choosing a travel destination. Another interesting finding is that 68% of respondents usually explore one city rather than multiple ones (32%). Most of them love exploring a particular city in-depth and immerse themselves in the local living culture.

For millennials, photo or video-hunting is the most important thing to do while traveling

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94% of respondents said that one to seven days trip is ideal enough, they don’t prefer a long time traveling. In that limited span of time, every moment deserves to be captured. The survey also showed that over half of respondents considered taking beautiful pictures or videos is the most important thing to do during their vacation. Whether it’s about scenery, attractions, food, or other activities, they always want to keep all the experiences in a digital platform. Without it being done, vacation would not be as memorable as it should have been.

Social media became important references for travel planning.

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To achieve an unforgettable travel experience, a well-planned itinerary is considered important. According to the survey results, the way travelers approach planning a trip is no longer a travel agency or an expert. 72% of respondents stated that they collect travel information on Instagram. Social platforms like YouTube (62%) and Facebook (40%) are also important references for them to seek details about traveling.

Millennials like to save and share travel information on social media

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What do people do after collecting travel information? Over half of respondents will save the information in digital format. Moreover, 47% of them stated that they will share travel information with other people on social media or on chat apps; only 18% of them will share travel information in person.

The survey disclosed that social media plays a crucial role in travel discovery. Most respondents tend to share their travel experiences on social media. What’s more, they usually get inspired by online content from other people. As for how millennials plan a trip has become different, they start seeking more efficient ways to get instantaneous access to the information across the web.

To fulfill the increasing needs, Mozilla introduced the new travel feature on its multi-functional mobile browser platform, Firefox Lite, allowing users to explore new cities and create a bucket list of their top destinations in one platform. With real-time access to relevant tips and crowd-sourced information, users can easily find travel inspiration from social media, and even get deals to support their newly discovered destination.

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