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Internet Users Should Awake to Data Privacy and Protection. Here is Why That Matters

Big data is more prevalent in daily life than you might think

Not a day we are not engaging with the Internet, it has become a part of our life. We use the Internet to look for things, to shop, to interact, basically to do almost anything. During our daily activities, consciously or not, we share most of our private personal information (including profile, online behavior, medical condition, location, etc.) on the Internet. Unfortunately, there is a major downside to how our private information is being used, which many Internet users are yet to be aware of.

The common data usage practice that tech companies usually do is to process our personal information in order to develop insights for product and service advancements, which will actually be beneficial for users. Therefore, tech companies should be responsible to protect our personal information at any cost. However, the abundant amount of data generated by internet users online activity causes several other irresponsible tech companies to potentially misuse the data. The Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2016 virtually wiped out the “innocence” of social media. We lost our privacy, and our trust in the government began to decline.

Another data privacy violation we should pay attention and understand is the issue resulted from Surveillance Economy, where the irresponsible tech companies sell our information to third parties in order to gain more profit. Those tech companies use raw data and information from users and change them into behavioral data; some of them used for service improvement and the rest are used to predict users behavior. These predictions are traded to third party businesses. What makes this practice declared as dangerous is because the data that are currently in the hands of these vague third parties could be used to carry out propaganda or other similar things that can harm the internet users.

As an advocate for Open Web, Mozilla takes position against any data privacy violations including Surveillance Economy by establishing Firefox Personal Data Promise, which explains the convictions that guide the organization, and the work they do to honor users’ privacy in every product they make by:

Take less

The only data Mozilla wants is the data that serves you in the end. We ask ourselves: do we actually need this? What do we need it for? And when can we delete it?

Keep it safe

Mozilla takes the extra steps to classify the data we have, maintain rules for how we store and protect each type, and never stop iterating on our processes. Mozilla prioritizes your privacy.

No secrets

Mozilla’s Privacy Notice is actually readable. Anyone in the world can attend Mozilla weekly company meetings. If you want to dig into every datapoint they collect, Mozilla’s code is open.

Mozilla suggests users be more literate in sharing personal information online and using the right tool to avoid the trap. By building collective awareness about the issue, we can create a more conducive Internet society with full power on privacy.

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