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15 Millions Online Users’ Data Leaked: Check and Take Control Your Personal Information with Firefox Monitor

Shocking news about privacy violations has emerged recently. Indonesia e-commerce unicorn Tokopedia had its internal database breached by an unidentified party, resulting in a massive data leak that has affected more than 15 millions of its users. The full database, which consisted of more than 91 million users identity, has now been put up for sale on the dark web for US$5,000 (IDR74.6 million) by a member of data-exchange platform, Raid Forums. This incident caused worries between Indonesian users since the app is known as one of the biggest e-commerce in the country.

What we just witnessed is known as data breach. A website data breach happens when cyber criminals steal, copy, or expose personal information from online accounts. It’s usually a result of hackers finding a weak spot in the website’s security. The data in breach usually contains email addresses and passwords. What’s worse, more sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passport numbers and social security numbers could be exposed.

“At Mozilla, we’re dedicated to building protections to keep users safe online. Therefore, we continually roll out new features to complete our product family to help users fight against the threats to the internet. Firefox Monitor is one of our solutions that empower users to combat data breaches by alerting them while visiting a previously breached website. Moreover, users can learn how to take action to better protect their online accounts, and get alerted if their information appears in a new breach.” stated Stan Leong, VP and General Manager of Emerging Markets, Mozilla.

Here are how Firefox Monitor works to protect users online security:

Conduct a basic search
Firefox Monitor will search for users' email addresses in public data breaches going back to 2007. This basic search will surface most data breaches, but not ones that contain sensitive personal information.

(b) Sign up for breach monitoring
Users can create a Firefox Account to monitor their email for ongoing breaches. Once users have verified their email, they will also receive a full report of past breaches, including sensitive breaches.

Get notifications in browser
If people use Firefox, they will receive a notification if they visit a site that’s been breached. Users can find out right away if they were part of that breach and what they can do about it.

There, users can check in which their Tokopedia accounts have been breached and what information is leaked. Users don’t need to worry about their personal information being used, because Mozilla doesn’t even ask for users’ passwords. It keeps every data anonymous when it transfers breach data to users.

If the users’ accounts are notified as breached, they can still save their accounts from security issues. Here are several suggestions from Mozilla to keep your accounts safe.

Read the details about the breach
Know what details are being leaked from the account. The next steps depend on what information users need to protect.

(b) Change the password
Lock down your account with a new password. If you can’t log in, know how to recover or shut down the account. See an account you don’t recognize? The site may have changed names or someone may have created an account for you.

If you’ve used that password for other accounts, change those too
Create a different password for each website, especially for financial accounts, email accounts, and other websites where you save personal information.

Take extra steps if your financial data was breached
If your bank account or credit card numbers were included in a breach, alert your bank to possible fraud. Monitor statements for charges you don't recognize.

No matter whether you've been part of a data breach or not, you should always be alert to  your online privacy. Take a look at Firefox Monitor and sign up to be prepared for the next data breach that happens. Stay safe and always protect your data.