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Tips for You to Stay Safe Online During the Pandemic

During coronavirus lockdown, people are turning to the internet to work, entertain, and stay in touch with family and friends. According to
CRISIL Research, the broadband data usage soared 25-30% since the nationwide lockdown began. However, increasing internet usage usually comes with data security risk and privacy concerns. 

Mozilla, an advocate for Open Web from the U.S., shares some practical tips with consumers on how to stay safe in the digital world.

(a) Pick Strong Passwords 

First of all, people should pick strong passwords while setting up new accounts. Do make the passwords at least 8 characters long and use a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. Most importantly, every account should have a unique password. After all, an unbreakable password can be the first line of defense against hacking attempts and unauthorized access to the account. 

(b) Be Aware of Phishing

Besides, malware and phishing are ongoing threats to online safety, and they usually mimic the design of authentic emails, like those from the bank or email provider. If people find something suspicious, they should pause and think twice before clicking anything, and give a call directly to the company to check whether the content is authentic or not.

(c) Use Private Browsing

For those who are always on-the-go, it’s better to use private mode on the mobile browser to prevent cookies, history, passwords, and entries from being saved. It helps people to browse without a trace, and lower the chances of receiving targeted ads. 

Meet Firefox Lite, made by a corporate that put privacy and security at the core

Firefox Lite is a magnificent fast and lightweight Android browser made by Mozilla. It is equipped with Advanced Private Browsing and tracking protection, allowing users to browse without being tracked by advertisers and websites.

“At Mozilla, we put people’s privacy and security at the core of everything we build. We comply with Firefox Personal Data Promise and never sell what little personal info we have about our users. Firefox Lite is exactly the product we do to honor users’ privacy.” stated Stan Leong, VP and General Manager of Emerging Markets, Mozilla.

A Multi-function Mobile Browser Platform

The latest feature offered by Firefox Lite is the new design which allows users to access its integrated shopping, news, and games content with one single tap. 

(a) Shopping

Smart Shopping Search feature allows users to easily compare prices and product specifications from across major e-commerce sites by tapping to switch between them. 

(b) Gaming

More than 100 free instant games are available on Firefox Lite. Users can create game shortcuts on the home screen, so it will be easier to find and play instantly, without the need to install the game apps.

(c) News

To cater to the needs of updated and trustworthy information for users, Firefox Lite introduces the news feature, allowing users to enjoy the latest news from major news publishers under one platform.

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