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Meet the New Firefox Lite: Awesome Bar, Customized Home Screen, and More

Mozilla, the non-profit pioneer and advocate for the open Web, officially unveils its latest version of Firefox Lite today. The new
Firefox Lite is capable of delivering more intelligent searching results with its “Awesome Bar” feature. What’s more, this mobile browser allows users to customize home screen simply with one click, giving users more control over their online lives.

Firefox Lite is a one-stop mobile browser platform designed to specifically catered mobile users in emerging markets. It has been gaining popularity for its fast, lite package and data-efficient web browsing. To enable more people to enjoy the better mobile browsing experiences, Firefox Lite team conducted multiple studies to understand the needs of mobile Internet users, and created two key features based on the result of those studies:

  1. Awesome Bar - Anticipate your needs with smart search suggestions
    When users type in keywords in the search bar on Firefox Lite, the tailor-made search results will pop up according to users’ search history, bookmarks and tabs, more than any regular search engine. It helps users to get search results faster and efficiently.

  2. Home Customization - Personalize the browser to suit your mood
    With the new Firefox Lite, users can easily customize the Content & Services (Games, News, Travel), pin preferred top sites, and choose the theme or background color for their home screens according to their preferences.

Other Highlights of Firefox Lite:

  • Lightweight: Firefox Lite is less than 7MB. Given its lightweight, users can stay updated on latest offerings from Firefox Lite without worrying about spending a lot of data to update the app.
  • Fast: Firefox Lite's standout feature, ‘Turbo Mode,’ blocks third-party trackers. This renders less data consumption and websites load up faster. 
  • Private: Advertisers or websites often use web trackers for broad user data collection and targeted advertising. Firefox Lite is equipped with private browsing and tracking protection to help users browse without a trace.

Download here.